Corporate Services

Our Corporate approach is unlike any other travel management company. We build our corporate business structure on integrity, commitment to customer service and reputation, offering you all the tools available you might expect from global agencies, yet focusing on our corporate customer with a hands on account management program.

Travel Services: Concur Travel

Concur Travel

Key Features

Streamlined - from start to finish

Employees can easily book travel from a smartphone or desktop browser, while itineraries and credit card charges are automatically and accurately captured. The expense report is nearly complete upon return, and audit and approval processes are faster, saving additional time and cost.

More Accurate Information

 With Concur Travel & Expense, data no longer has to keyed in, multiple times in multiple systems. Instead, e-receipts from travel suppliers and receipts captured with ExpenseIt® from Concur. automatically turn into expense line items, providing more accurate and timely information for finance teams.

Smarter Smart Phones

The Concur mobile travel and expense app helps everyone stay productive on the road. Need to change a flight or book a hotel or get a rental car at the last minute? The Concur mobile app makes it easy. Travelers can even snap photos of receipts, attach the images to expenses, and toss away the piles of papers.

A Global Solution  

Concur travel & Expense supports multiple currencies and languages and integrates with multiple ERP systems. Concur Expense automatically calculates  the currency exchange rate, complex car mileage allowances and VAT/GST/HST/FBT. Plus, Concur  Travel includes content from multiple global distribution systems, negotiated and published fares, direct connects and web-only fares - offering a wide range of options for global travelers.
Concur Demonstration


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Key features

A powerful we-based, business intelligence and reporting tool.  GraspDATA automates the creation and delivery of reports that give indispensable insight into travel data.

Do you ever wish you could see all your travel transactions (credit card, expense invoices) in one place? Better yet, do you wish the data would reconcile itself and appear you in an actionable and easy-to-digest format? One more thing, do you wish you could run reports on that data and slice and dice things to your hearts content?

Not as impossible as you might think. GraspDATA is an industry-leading business intelligence tool that allows you  to do more with your travel data. It brings all of your travel data together in and easy-to-use platform where its at your fingertips in 3 clicks or less.  

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Travel Solutions: Sabre

Sabre Travel Network

The business of travel is ever changing. Stay static and you'll be left behind. In this dizzying pace, DTM has partnered with Sabre ® Travel Network. the partner we need to help us succeed. Sabre ® gives DTM the travel solutions and tools we need to stay ahead.

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Travel Risk Management: SafePoint

Smarter, Faster Travel Risk Management

SafePoint is a new kind of travel risk management solution that is integrated into your broader travel program to help more accurately find and communicate with travelers impacted by an event. It automatically monitors travelers' trips, proactively notifies travelers that may be impacted, and requests that they “check-in” in with their status so that you can easily determine if they are ok or need assistance.

Key Features

 Accurate travel data from any GDS or online booking tool, including out-of-program data


 Best-in-class alerts automatically delivered to you and impacted travelers


 Immediate traveler engagement through integration with TripCase


 Self-service dashboard reduces response time by allowing you to locate and communicate directly with travelers 


How Does SafePoint Help Me?

Automated alerts are delivered to travelers via SMS text message as well as email notifying them of the risk, providing advice to keep them safe, and requesting that he or she “check-in” with their status and location. For those travelers using TripCase, alerts are also provided via a push notification as well as an in-app message in the traveler's smartphone or smartwatch (both iOS and Android are supported).

For you, alerts and traveler status are all easily accessible via a self-service dashboard that is available across desktop, tablet, and smartphone. It provides quick visibility to all of the active alerts that may be impacting your travelers, including the ability to easily drill into a specific alert to get additional information on your impacted travelers’ status, location, contact detail, and full itinerary.

SafePoint Overview

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